About Our Organization

Helping each other can make world better

What we do

HSB is an Indian organization, but if seen, it is the first organization in the world that works for the complete protection of human beings., is in existence since 2020, formed for the noble cause of human defense and upholding humanity, and providing legal aid to the needy. Fully dedicated to corruption-free India and human rights, HSB has translated its stated objectives at the grassroots level through camps, conventions, seminars, conferences, cultural events, and free human defense and legal services to the underprivileged. Human Savior Board is a nongovernment organization (NGO) that works selflessly for the helpless people of society and brings their rights to the glance of the government. The organization is always a side of the lonely and backward people of the society as well as the hole nation.

Our Mission

HUMAN SAVIOUR BOARD seeks to alert individuals and groups to raise awareness of human rights, Anticorruption and citizenship issues. Our mission is to implement all its activities in accordance with the Human Rights Bill and the human rights principles enshrined in the constitution. To attract attention to a negative impact of corruption in governments and private sector to remove this serious obstacle for effective governance, economic growth and national and international stability. To control and remove bureaucratic corruption. Organize is to curb the evil of corruption amongst public servant and prevent leakage of govt. revenue by taking action against unscrupulous govt. servants who include in mail practices and corruption. 

Our Vission

HUMAN SAVIOUR BOARD vision is to contribute to building a society in which human rights are understood, protected, and aimed at strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, building values for human dignity, and ensuring gender equality in all areas. Our vision is to bring about social change towards communities and societies Enjoying integrity, good gevernance and accontability. We are fighting the the problem of corruption and injustice.

Organization Aim

Helping each other can make world better

Together, we can use our influence – from advocating with world leaders to sharing the truth of what’s happening on the ground – to help stop repression around the world.

Organization Account

State Bank Of India

Account No.- 41568278624

Ifsc code-SBIN0003959

( Lehra Road Soron Tehsil-Kasganj 207403)​

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